100 Words

n'UNDO is an attitude, a way to rethink architecture, intervening in territory and the city from a position of No Construction, Minimization, Reuse and Dismantling. Its work starts with critique, discussion and reflection, from which develops a theoretical foundation for participatory and multidisciplinary actions. The current situation in architecture, urbanism and landscape treatment lacks ethical consideration and respect for both territory and for the people who inhabit it. The action of not doing is proposed. It is not a question of less is more, but rather if nothing can be more. Not building as an alternative to proposals of future, unnecessary or irrelevant construction; reusing of abandoned or underused structures; minimizing existing elements of great impact; and dismantling those buildings that are unsustainable, harmful, or useless. Holding absence and the preexisting above construction and material, n’UNDO proposes repairing, cleaning, and recovering landscape, territory and city, maintaining its gaps and silences. The n'UNDO approach extends to other areas of research, inviting reflection, discussion and action.