Modes of action

No Construction = RESPECT | As a renunciation of the production of unnecessary elements, highlighting the pre-existing, the voids and the territory, regardless of its character. To use and enjoy spaces or landscapes it is not necessary to build them with irreversible interventions, especially the ones far from the site and its features. No Construction is a sign of respect for the territory that assumes that social, cultural and environmental interests must be a priority when it comes to validating future architectural or landscape actions

Minimize = CLEAN | As a reduction of the impact of elements, interventions or characteristics that impose their presence and collapse their sorrounding space. An operation aimed at reducing not justifiable nor sustainable footprints, to facilitate a better integration with the environment . Minimizing is cleaning those elements whom by its presence distort the territory and the city.

Reuse = RECOVER | To prioritize interventions that are committed to taking advantage and to enjoy the existing, built and consolidated elements against the new projects that consume territory, resources and energy. The revitalization and reuse of structures and buildings as criteria for intervention. Recovering against dismissal.

Dismantling = REGENERATE | As a pertinent and feasible chance for intervention against constructions that attack their enviroments in particular and all of humanity as a whole. The goal is to maximize the recovery and betterment of the enviroment, in order to revert mistakes from the past. To remove elements, constructions, buildings, interventions whose sole presence downgrades a location.

These four modes of action can be combined or added.