Research activity

Reflection, research and criticism are foundational to the work both of the University and what n'UNDO understands as the tools necessary for the responsible development of architecture of the city and the territory. Furthermore, the University should be the place of debate and overcoming of the failed present models.

Publications / documents


The dismantling as an urban intervention in the formal and informal city: aggressions and opportunity

ArCaDia III Congress. Conferences on Architecture and Development | 2014

Re-definition of the critique of architecture

CriticAll 2014 | 2014

Subtraction as a planning process for the improvement of territory and the city

EQUIciudad2012 Book | 2012

The counterform of the city

EQUIciudad2012 Book | 2012


Alferrikako megaproiektuak: Egungo hirigintza-fenomenoaren definizioa

Aldiri 23: Pribatu/Publiko | 2015

Globalized geopolitics: frontiers for people

Archipills 8. Architecture Pills | 2015

Environmental and socio-economic advantages in the recovery of Algarrobico beach

Eco del Parque, 58 | 2012

The super-adaptation to the environment

Digital Magazine Transversalidades | 2012

A n'UNDO's Plan for the Mediterranean

BaM2012 Book | 2012

Books' chapters

Intervention strategies from the No Construction, Minimization, Reuse and Dismantling. Study case: Los Molinos, Sierra de Madrid

Madrid, central question. Autonomy and metropolitan region. Edición: Grupo TRyS | 2014

Electronic publications


Periodic collaborations in fundación Arquia's blog

Fundación Arquia | 2015-Ongoing

The border walker

CoIAC | 2015

Useless megaprojects

Territorio Racional y Sostenible | 2015

Atocha: The exoteric propaganda

Digital Magazine La Ciudad Viva | 2013

Nothing is more, building from the renunciation

Digital Magazine FronteraD | 2012

The Cebada's emptiness

Published in the blog El Campo de la Cebada | 2012

Recovery of old spaces or construction of new ones

Published in the blog Territorio Racional y Sostenible | 2012