Analysis areas

Pernicious town planning

permicioso Actions, normally under the town and territorial planning with low density and extensive criteria. Use up vast territory, energy and resources with a great impact on the environment. New suburbs, cities of new layouts, private neighborhoods segregated from the rest of the population (ghettos for the rich and for the poor).

Abandoned Constructions

abandonada Structures and constructions abandoned for different reasons and huge scrap yards of industrial and military machinery that spatter the planet in natural and urban environments. Several industrial structures, obsolete monuments, machinery and military installations, ship and airplane scrapyards.

Unsustainable constructions

insostenibles Inadmissible environmental interventions, energetic and morally, based on insatiable investments and feverish projects, which contribute to human kind and to the planet in negative and unjustifiable way.

Over adaptation to the environment

adecuacion Actions in spaces of high natural interest that provide immediate accessibility to any place carried out under the excuse of touristic improvement or recovery of the area, highly altering the territory. Among others are the installations of security elements, stairs, pathways, cable railways, signaling system, illumination, etc.

Dispensable elements

prescindibles Useless elements that invade cities mainly contributing to distortion, nuisance, impact and alienation, which their only purpose is economic and advertising. Most of the urban furniture, advertising structures, security elements.

Aggressions against the environment

atentados Infrastructures and engineer interventions that alter the ecosystem and the life of living beings. Normally built to provide a response to supposed energetic, territorial or agrarian needs. Big dams, oil pipelines, drilling and mining industry, redirecting of river flows, etc.

Constructions against humanity

humanidad Constructions where human kind find support to threaten against its own species and rights. Prisons, frontiers, concentration camps, walls.

Land, sea and spatial debris

residuos Areas of indiscriminate accumulation of waste, without any treatment or recycling, no matter the environment. Huge formal or informal, terrestrial or maritime rubbish dumps, waste land, purchase and sale of residuals, nuclear and industrial waste, etc.

Energetic waste

derroche Indiscriminate, unjustified and irrational abuse of energy, in the form of excess of lighting, unjustified air conditioning, massive private transport, unsustainable irrigation systems, etc.