Technical reports n'UNDO

The technical reports are judgments issued by the multidisciplinary team of n’UNDO specialized in dismantling, waste management, recovery of the environment and processes derived from subtraction. The work is carried out with an integrating focus with special attention to social inclusion and citizens' participation.

itvaldecanas Dismatling differences. Sustainable procedures for dismantling, ecological restoration, and evaluation of the impact of the life cycle.

Valdecañas, Extemadura, Spain | 2015

In collaboration with Ecómetro, Creando Redes and Ecologistas en Acción

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itatocha Improvement of Atocha and its surroundings through subtraction processes

Atocha, Madrid, Spain | 2013

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itvillarino Study for the recovery of water spots and warehouses

Villarino de los Aires, Salamanca, Spain | 2012

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italgarrobico El Algarrobico, one opportunity under the rubble. Environmental and socio-economic analysis of the Algarrobico beach.

Almeria, Spain | 2012

In collaboration with Greenpeace

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