Urban plan

n´UNDO’s plan is an integral strategy that can be developed in different scales in the urban and territorial area, as a sum of small performances to be carried out in the long term. Its aim is the improvement and recovery of such environment from different approaches: the social, the environmental, the functional, the economic, the cultural, etc. under the premise of No Construction, Minimization, Reuse and Dismantling. It is the tool that allows moving into action from the previous theory. Contrary to the traditional urban development plans, it does not intervene upon future developments, but about existing problems in consolidated environments.

n’UNDO’s technical team develops the plan in collaboration with the institutions and local people who wish to participate. Any neighborhood, municipality, town or city is susceptible to have its plan.

To carry out n’UNDO’s plan, a methodology based on the multidisciplinary, visualization and participation is established. In the different stages of the plan the interaction with the citizenry and the institutions is present, generating a state of dialogue and reflection propitious for promoting the step to action.

Following an analysis stage and previous meetings with all implicated and concerned parts, different information is compiled and produced, allowing the generation of graphic material: plans, interactive physical and virtual maps, as well as a Thesis and Report; this will be the previous step to the possible paths of intervention to follow.

Among the different analyzed options of intervention, at least one will be selected to be carried out. The selection mode of the proposal and its attainment will have a participative character among the implicated sides, taking into account the pertinence and the adaptation to the available timeline and budget. The other possible actions and solutions will remain for their possible future attainment.

Results on n’UNDO’s plan:

  • - Map.
  • - Report.
  • - Actions.
  • - Exhibition.

The plan will deliver a powerful tool for the improvement of the location based on its inhabitants’ criteria and with a sustainable development.