Who are we?

n’UNDO founds its work in critique, debate and thinkg. From that point develops its theoretical base, which leads to different transdisciplinary practiques and actions based on participation . This point of view provides, among other activities, the theoretical base dissemination from the academic field to informal learning activities. This is produced through congress, debates, round-tables and workshop complemented with the organization of competitions, conferences, urban actions and exhibitions. The profesional practice includes the urban and territorial advice services, n’UNDO urban plan development and technical report ellaboration. Its work has been recognized with international and national awards and mentions.




n’UNDO is a team formed by people of different disciplines (architecture, urban planning, physics, philosophy, journalism, engineering). Through different intern organizations adapted to each Project they carry a network and transversal way of working. Moreover, a broad number of individuals and groups with similar concerns collaborate punctually in the projects.


Alejandro del Castillo.

Antonio Giraldez.

Beatriz Sendín.

Blanca Aragonés.

Fabio Silli.

Gonzalo Sánchez.

Indalecio Batlles.

Inés Perreta.

Julia Font.

Marta Sánchez.

Mayra Martínez.

Miriam Mora.

Rebeca López.

Stephan van Eeden.

Verónica Sánchez Carrera.


A nuestro alrededor, una larga lista de gente que enriquece el proyecto... Gracias a tod@s


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