John Cage

jcage Music score of 4'33''. 1952.

"To pay attention to silence is to listen what usually slips out, what passes inadvertently. For that one needs to stop the activity that urges and directs toward what has to be done or listened. We must halt the dharma’s wheel and listen.".

Hamish Fulton

hfulton "The only thing we should take from a landscape is photographs. The only thing we should leave is footprints".

Richard Long

rlong A line made by walking. 1967.

This formative piece was made on one of Long’s journeys to St Martin’s. Between hitchhiking lifts, he stopped in a field in Wiltshire where he walked backwards and forwards until the flattened turf caught the sunlight and became visible as a line.

Reinhold Messner

rmessner "Alpinism was the traditional one, then came the difficult ascent and I spread the alpinism of renunciation. It belongs to renunciation because is to leave aside the rope, a mate and the oxygen bottles. For me it was the only valid alpinism. This is my philosophy".


malevich Black painting on a white background. 1915.

"All that we have always loved is lost: we are in a desert…There is a black painting on a white background before us! (…) What I have exhibited is not a simple empty square, but the experience of the object’s absence".


oteiza Non cubic clearing of space. 1959.

"Sphere clearing, empty constructions, empty boxes, etc. The proper internal logic of such process of dematerialization and silencing of the sculpture carried implicitly the need of a finale (…) some minimum and empty sculptures". Txomin Badiola

Alain Badieu

Lecture about subtraction.

"(…) I come here for the duty to proclaim that the madness of subtraction is an act. Better still: that is the act par excellence, a truth’s act, the one by which I manage to know what can only be known by reality, which is the emptiness of the being as such".

Eduardo Galeano

"(...) he who knew how to create a naked language, one that has no surplus of words. Rulfo told me: “In order to write one must use the pencil’s point with the rubber”. In the art of writing to suppress words is as important or more than finding them. One must know how to suppress the surplus. It’s difficult because one becomes fond of the words one uses”.

Lao Tse

"Carry on reducing and reducing until reaching the state of not doing. Don’t do, and nonetheless, nothing will remain undone".