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over territory and city from the NO DO, the UN DO and the RE DO.

It is possible to build more and better from reasoned reduction, containment and decline. Subtraction and renunciation are relevant and necessary intervention alternatives. (n’UNDO. 2011)

It’s not about less is more, it’s about nothing is more. The elimination of excess to ensure the future and improve people’s lives. It is about valuing the pre-existence, cleaning and recovering to improve the landscape, territory and city from the creation and conservation of its voids and silences, working with time and uncertainty. Acting through a NO proposition, which avoids the unnecessary; which reuses and puts in value the urban and natural heritage; which reduces what is left over and which dismantles to recover the common space.

Another way of thinking, another way of doing

The theoretical basis of n’UNDO is in continuous development.

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Training and knowledge as an essential basis for change.

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La visibilización y el intercambio para avanzar en el cambio.

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Who we are

Since 2011, more than two hundred people from various disciplines and backgrounds have contributed to build n’UNDO. We understand this network as the basis for transformation and development of thought and action. Our structure is always open, in constant adaptation, to respond to a changing reality.

n'UNDO asociación (+)

The Association n’UNDO Actividades (G86454139), with domicile in C/ Alburquerque 13, 1º, 28010 Madrid, registered in the Registry of Associations of Madrid with the number 32.840 of the 1st section, is constituted as a non-profit organization and its objective is to develop activities to promote and make visible the improvement of the city and the territory from the Not Doing, the Redoing and the Undoing.

  • Founding partners: Verónica Sánchez Carrera – Alejandro Del Castillo
  • Group Zero Partners: Beatriz Sendín – Fabio Silli – Gema Marín – Gonzalo Sánchez – Indalecio Batlles – Julia Font – Marta Sánchez – Mayra Martínez
  • Partners Group + one: Paz Nuñez Martí, Emilio López Galizacho, Josep Ignasi Garcia Aparisi, María Spaccarotella García,Zainab Ibrahim, José María Romero, Irene Cabrera, María de la Concepción Sánchez Parrondo, Vicente del Castillo Molina, Teresa Guzman Ruiz, Rosa San Jose Miguel , Roman Navarro Carrasco
  • n’UNDO collaborators: (+ of 150 people) Alicia Berlinches, Antonio Giraldez, Berenice del Castillo, Blanca Aragones, Caroline Holz, Damiana Pacheco, Chissy Gaglione, Erbey López, Ines Perreta, Javier Sánchez, Nicolas Villegas, Mairea, Mireia, Anatanasía, Rebeca López, Lucas, Pedro, Marina, Esther, Berta la Calle, Clara Marie Bhömer, Leire Milikua, Luis Díaz Feria, Ana María Gomáriz, Grego Martos, Gustavo Muller, Domingo Concepción, Arminda Arteta, Santiago Sierra, Emilio López Galiacho, Locas Locas producciones, Fátima G. Candela, Rocío, Stephan
    Collaborating institutions and organizations: ASFE, Locas Locas producciones, Frontera D, Stepien&Barno, Paisajes Extremadura, Medialab Prado,Territorio Racional y Sostenible, Ediciones Asimetricas, dpr-arquitectura…
  • Sponsors: La Casa Encendida, HNA, Cabildo de Lanzarote, Escuela de Turismo de Lanzarote…

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