n’UNDO afin | empty coruña?


“We all agree that the sheer volume of empty or underused sites, buildings and apartments in Coruna is directly compromising the urban quality of the city. New multidisciplinary approaches are needed to develop strategies for inclusive and sustainable urban renewal.

  • The universal declaration of human rights enshrines adequate housing as a fundamental right, what strategies are there to claim that right? Taken literally, what are the consequences?
  • What form of design thinking can help recapture spatial assets for inclusion into public life and fundamental benefits to society?
  • What are spatial needs and how can they be identified and designed for new models of habitation?
  • What innovative models for advocacy using design and artistic interventions are available to help break current deadlocks between formal systems and the lived experience?
  • What role can social media, urban simulation, new imaginaries, story telling play in this?
  • What new models for ownership, or membership, can help integrate marginalised populations into the city? How is sharing luxury?
  • What can be said about the difference between commodity value and use value? What is the optimal balance between private, social and state owned real estate? Is affordable based on price or percentage?
  • What structural amendments are needed in order to implement theoretical concepts? What parallel systems are feasible? What are preferable outcomes?
  • What strategies and tools are needed to create mixed use, socially inclusive and vibrant cities open to all? 
  • What actor-networks are involved in the different case studies and how should they be affected from now to after the intervention? Can squatting be engaged constructively? How do you bring all social classes, political opinions, ages, genders, races…etc in a process?”
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