Cost-effective management of assets by prioritising their protection

Location: Old Betijai Fronton, Madrid, Spain

Year: 2018

Framework: Competition called by the Madrid City Council and the Association of Architects of Madrid (COAM)

#Heritage #Profitability

The proposal presented by n’UNDO in the competition called by the Madrid City Council and the Architectural Association of Madrid, for the drafting of the Project and direction of the works of adaptation and rehabilitation of the Beti Jai pelota court.

This project has been carried out with a multidisciplinary team:

n’UNDO Team: Beatriz Sendín Jiménez | VerónicaSánchez Carrera | Alejandro Del Castillo Sánchez | Gonzalo Sánchez García | Berenice Diaz Del Castillo | Lucas Alcaide De-Wandeleer | Belén Molina Escobar

Consultants: Estefanía Herrero García, architect specialized in historical heritage | Victor Acosta Cobacho, architect specialized in structures | Manuel Aranda Otero, architect specialized in installations | Maite Urcelay Callejo, cultural manager.