Emptiness, Subtraction and Silence | Subtraction and Renunciation in the Creative Process

Location: Madrid, Spain

Year: 2016

Workframe:  Jornadas n´UNDO at La Casa Encendida

 #Criticism #Interchange #Interdisciplinary look

The Empty days, subtraction and silence. Subtraction and Renunciation are proposed as an interdisciplinary look, as a common place of exchange, criticism, and knowledge. Subtraction and Renunciation as the subject of processes, research, interventions and works that allow for reflection from different fields and disciplines. The intervention of emptiness and silence, the purification of the superfluous and the elimination of the unnecessary are increasingly revealing of the basic, to generate wealth where nothing else is and where the beauty of the essential emerges. The interdisciplinary look at the creative processes allows an exhibition of knowledge and heterogeneous works, which opens a space of analysis and reflection, of meeting and listening where to advance in the mutual knowledge. A place for experimentation and knowledge generation, with the certainty that nothingness is a link and a starting point for approaching.