n´OT | Study, analysis and diagnosis of Universal Accessibility of the buildings of the city council of León

Location: León, Spain

Year: 2019

Customer:  León City Council

 #Accessibility #Minimalintervention

The Department of Family and Social Services and the technical office of n’UNDO present an accessibility plan in the city of León, formed by 83 proposals to guarantee the universal accessibility of the municipalities of Ordoño II and San Marcelo.

The purpose of this report is:
– Identify and analyze the existing problems and opportunities in terms of physical and cognitive accessibility in municipal buildings and their immediate surroundings.
– To improve the universal accessibility of buildings by defining a specific strategy for the area of study and developing specific proposals in thematic blocks related to Nearby environment, Building, Information and signage, Experience and perception, Security, Technology and Management.
– Use modes of action based on Do not do, Redo, Undo and Do from the minimum intervention, guaranteeing the economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability of the proposals for improving universal accessibility.
– Facilitate the dialogue and participation of all the agents involved in the improvement of universal accessibility.

This study establishes an efficient, sustainable and reproducible methodology in other buildings and proposes an integral management that allows to institutionalize the management of the implementation process, creating a continuous dynamic of evaluation and adjustment.