To want and be able to project in the city

Location: Medialab, Madrid, Spain

Year: 2014-2015

Framework:  Call Connecting Cities from Medialab Prado

#PublicSpace #Advertising #Citizen participation

Cities are being equipped with screens whose purpose does not always correspond to the needs or desires of the viewers/citizens. Moreover, the projection of content has to overcome a complex web of civic, bureaucratic and legislative obstacles, in order to interact with the public space in an open and free way.

The proposal developed in the second phase of Connecting Cities / Ciudad Participativa focuses on:
– Knowing what you want to project in public space.
– Knowing what can really be projected.
– Clarifying the nature of the limitations of the contents to be projected in the public space.
This research is part of the line of work that n’UNDO develops on the content and impact of urban screens in public space.
The research focuses on film content, although the conclusions can be extended to other audiovisual formats.
The physical space will be limited to the Barrio de las Letras in Madrid, in the vicinity of the urban screen at Medialab-Prado.

The main purpose of the research through a project of citizen participation, focused on the scale of the Barrio de las Letras in Madrid, is the reflection on the use and contents of the digital screen of Medialab-Prado Madrid, its repercussion on the quality of life and the impact on the social network of the neighborhood.
Two objectives are established: firstly, to develop methodologies that, by means of tools of a participative nature, allow us to know the contents that interest the potential spectators of the city’s screens – specifically the residents and users of the screen environment of Medialab-Prado; and secondly, to know the legislation, rules and conditioning factors that determine that the contents can be projected in a free, open and civic manner.