Temporary Emergency Shelter Center with Isolated COVID-19 area.


Location: Arinaga free zone, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands 

Year: 2020

Client: Red Cross Spain

Framework: Asistencia técnica y desarrollo de proyecto Technical assistance and project development 

#Migrants  #Covid19  #Emergency


The technical office of n’UNDO receives from the Spanish Red Cross the task of developing the implementation of a Temporary emergency shelter for migrants with a COVID quarantine and isolation area, due to the urgen and growing need to receive and acomodate migrants on the islands.  

The purpose of this center is the temporary accommodation of migrants arriving to Canary Islands. The center has an isolation area for the accommodation of people quarantined by COVID 19, as well as people with positive for the virus and asymptomatic or mild symptoms. The center has a capacity for a maximum of 960 people, organised in areas according to needs. Center’s planning allows phased installation.  

The need’s programas based on the Technical specification sheet for the location and conditioning of the temporary shelter place for groups of people in emergency situation developed by this technical office for The Red Cross in 2019,  and is complemented by the needs of the emergency situation due to CODIV19,  y se ve complementado por las necesidades propias de la situación de emergencia por el COVID-19, as well as the instruction of the Spanish Red Cross staff.