n´OT | Emergency Response to Drought in Ethiopia 2016/2017. Evaluation Consultancy for HFHE | HFHI  

Location: Etiopia, Africa

Year: 2016-17

Customer:  HFHE | HFHI

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The evaluation assesses HFHI / HFHE Humanitarian Response ton the drought in Ethiopia, Silitie Zone, starting in October 2016 and ending in July 2017.

The main purpose is two fold:

To enable HFHI to understand what went well or wrong in the program evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of intervention (achievements and challenges) and the extent to which the HFH humanitarian response achieved program objectives.

To improve future action: Enable organizational learning by targeting best practices, lessons learnt, and recommendations for future humanitarian operations, especially those related to the internal organisation and implementing partners` coordination mechanisms.