n’OT | Infrastructure evaluation guide for its suitability as Citizen Attention Centers (CAC) or Provisional Shelters (AE) in Emergency Situation in Spanish Territory 

Location: Spain 

Year: 2021

Client:  Red Cross Spain 

Framework:  Technical Assistance 

#TemporaryShalters #CitizenAttentionCenters #Emergency

The purpose of this report is to establish the minimum reference criteria to be met by a existing infrastructure, to provide service as a Citizen Attention Center (CAC) or a Provisional Shelter (PS) for the population in a municipality in Spanish territory in case of a situation of emergency in the field of civil protection.

As a result of the analysis, the following is provided:

  • This explanatory document with definitions and general recommendations
  • Usage diagrams for planning
  • Checklists of evaluation questions for decision making in 3 phases
  • Digital Matrix of Assessment
  • Questions Table for calculating indicative surfaces by use
  • List of reference indicators