n´OT | Final Evaluation of Hurricane Dorian Operation in Bahamas.


Location: Bahamas, Caribbean Islands

Year: 2021

Client:  American Red Cross

Framework: Technical Assistance

#Emergency  #Refugees


The evaluation assesses the effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance of the AmRC recovery response to the Dorian hurricane in the Bahamas, with a particular focus on the support provided by the AmRC to the BRCS and the Dorian-affected population in the country, considering the Response as a whole and not as an addition of projects.

The main purpose of the evaluation is to appraise the recovery phase of the program for Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas AmRC has implemented for 18 months since the landfall in August 2019. This evaluation will generally exclude the first 6 months of the program (August 2019 to February 2020), as this period has been previously reviewed by an After-Action Review led by the American Red Cross ISD as well as the Real-Time Evaluation led by Bahamas Red Cross and the IFRC.