n´OT | Emergency Response to Drought in Ethiopia 2016/2017. Evaluation consultancy for HFHE | HFHI

Localización: Greece, Macedonia and Serbia

Años: 2017-2918

Cliente:  NCA (Norwegian Church Aid)

#Refugees  #Emergencia



This evaluation assessed NCA (Norwegian Church Aid) Humanitarian Response in Greece, Macedonia and Serbia, from September 2015 to May 2017. The evaluation considered the entire program extension understanding the Humanitarian Response as a whole and not as an addition of projects.

People of Concern (POC)for this evaluation are refugees and migrants (men, women, girls, boys, elders) from several nationalities and places of origin. Other people of concern for this evaluation have been local implementing partners from ACT Alliance (EHO, Philanthropy, MCIC, IOCC/Apostoli), NCA staff at field and Head Office level, UN staff involved in the response and local authorities.

The purpose for this evaluation is twofold:

To understand what has happened in the NCA emergency response in Greece, Serbia and Macedonia, (achievements and challenges) and the extent to which the NCA humanitarian response achieved program objectives.
To improve future action: Enable organizational learning by targeting best practices, lessons learnt, and recommendations for future humanitarian operations, especially those related to internal organisation and implementing partners` coordination mechanisms.