Kalmar: Masterplan Technical Assistance

Europan12 Competition: first prize


Location: Kalmar, Swedem

Years: 2013 and 2014

Framework:  Masterplan. Europan12 competition

Customer:  Municipality of Kalmar

#Conservation  #Density  #Complexity




Unique, living frame and meeting place of the people, the landscape is crucial to material, mental and spiritual welfare of individuals and societies. European Landscape Agreement

Intervention in Kalmar is proposed from economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability, through urban development based on density and complexity, giving priority to the conservation of the environment and the territory; this proposal is reasoned from:
No construction, as respect for the territory and areas of high environmental value that constitute the identity of Kalmar. Consolidating and protecting landscapes and existing voids, through a restructuration of communications, which re-defines the main road as an integrative element: rural-urban.
Minimization, with criteria of minimal impact: energetic, environmental and visual of new constructions. Model of accurate intensive urbanism, opposite to extensive one. Complexity of the urban grid and in consequence enrichment of the social link, through the diversification of uses and types.
Reuse of spaces and existing infrastructure, reviewing and optimizing them. Densification of the existing frame without getting away from human scale. Proposal of poli-centric development with the creation of new centres.
For a real sustainable city, we would need to talk about one based on less energy needed by the system and more urban complexity.

Team: Indalecio Batlles, Alejandro del Castillo, Julia Font, Verónica Sánchez y Beatríz Sendín.