Enough: The Architecture of Degrowth.

Location: Oslo, Noruega

Year: 2019

Framework:  Oslo Architecture Triennale

#UrbanChallenges  #Discussion


Oslo Architecture Triennale is an architecture festival looking at dissemination and discussion of architectural and urban challenges. (http://oslotriennale.no/en/aboutoat2019)

In the unprecedented moment we are living, an urgent question is cast into relief: how should architecture respond to a time of climate emergency and social division?

For the last two centuries, the engine of architectural production and the basis of societies around the world has been the pursuit of economic growth. Architecture is no exception.

ENOUGH responds to an era of climate emergency and social inequality by proposing alternatives to the unsustainable and unfair paradigm of growth. The festival explores the architecture of Degrowth, an economy of shared plenty in which human and ecological flourishing matter most. It is time to call time on too much for the few and too little for the many. Join us as we propose a vision of Enough for all.

n´UNDO participates in the Library with the book From subtraction, which approaches architecture from a different perspective; Not Do as an architectural project, UnDoing and ReDoing as the only way to do.

The Symposium: What is degrowth made from? brings together the leading architectural practitioners of a new vanguard of material science — including those for whom new materials are the oldest of all. n´UNDO was one of the keynote speakers, with materials such as time, uncertainty, flexibility, emptiness and silence. (http://oslotriennale.no/en/events/hva-er-nedvekst-laget-av-1)

n´UNDO presented in the online arts journal Arquitecture e-flux an essay within the context of the OAT 2019 theme, the architecture of degrowth testing some of the questions as alternative for the architecture of a new cultural economy. What can architecture be when buildings are no longer instruments of financial accumulation? How will the architect of tomorrow will play a meaningful civic role in the creation of new building types, urban morphologies, social habits, and cultural practices? How will cities be formed when it is human and ecological flourishing that matter most? https://www.e-flux.com/architecture/overgrowth/282656/unrenot-intervention-v1-0/