Neighborhood participation for the intervention in the Canal de Isabel II Park in Chamberí, Madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain

Year: 2017

Framework:  Participación vecinal

#PublicSpace #Participation #NeighborhoodParticipation

Accompaniment and drafting of technical report in the neighborhood participatory process for the recovery as public space of the Canal de Isabel II Park in Chamberí, Madrid.

After years of neighbourhood movement, at the end of 2016 the High Court of Justice ratified the ruling in which it upheld the neighbourhood platform “Parque sí” in Chamberí and ordered the dismantling of the golf facilities in the Parque de Canal, to transform it into a park for public use at the service of the district’s residents. The residents of Chamberí, through the neighborhood associations, demand their active presence in the current phase of the process, to ensure that the new Canal Park meets their needs and desires.

To address this, the “Parque sí” association commissioned the technical team composed of n’UNDO and Red de saberes to organize a workshop on neighborhood participation and to write a report.

The report focuses on the results of the neighbourhood participation workshop. The proposals collected and systematized are intended to show the value and usefulness of the neighborhood’s contributions to the design of common spaces and to make visible its potential as an active agent in the design of its public space. This document is used to present to the authorities the neighborhood’s expectations in the transformation of the Canal Park’s golf facilities.

The report of the proposal is available for consultation and download here:

Parque Sí_informe