Adaptation of the Save The Children Foundation building for children at risk of social exclusion

Location: Barrio de Vallecas, Madrid, Spain

Year: 2016

Framework:  Save The Children Restricted Competition

#Needless #Necessary #Desirable

From the essential to the desirable

The proposal contributes to the improvement of the environment of future users, with a commitment that faces the challenge of a minimum initial intervention without renouncing to satisfy users´ needs and desires. The methodology based on a continuous process, reflects on priorities and times, and works with the involvement of future users and the inclusion of other agents and organizations.


 n’UNDO proposes:

Minimum intervention, maximum impact | Looking for ways to make the minimum necessary interventions the to achieve the necessary objectives.

Differentiating between the essential, the necessary and the desirable | Ensuring that resources are invested with an order of priority based on relevance

Adapting to a variable time and budget | Proposing a project that responds to temporary needs – of urgency and permanence – and can develop according to the availability of economic resources.

Understanding the project as a process with a broad perspective | The renovation of the building is not the end, but the driving force behind a comprehensive project, where the results of the investment are not just a building, but the benefits of a participatory process involving future users.

Representativeness for what happens | The building presents a sober image, without pretensions of appearance. It does not seek to stand out, but rather to be a quality setting that facilitates and helps to consolidate the development of everyday activities as true protagonists. Like Puerto Rubio Square, its representativeness will be consolidated by what the building promotes, by what it facilitates in its environment, by its idiosyncrasy but not by its facade.
A co-produced project | The proposal implies the active participation of the users and the invitation to other agents to be part of the process, contributing with their experience, through workshops based on “learning by doing” to enriching the process and the result.

The dossier of the proposal is available for consultation and download here:

nUNDO_save the children dossier