“What if…?!” – Speculating about tomorrow| Congress


Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Year: 2021

Frame:  Congress WHAT IF?

#Teaching #Congress


With the motto What if…?!  we want to speculate on the ways we live, work and build, and to establish a new paradigm for the architectural profession. With that in mind, we are looking for inspiring young voices which would come together and present original views on how to act on the current challenges we are facing. The target audience is young architects, urban planners, landscape architects and interior architects from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Europe and beyond.

The board BUILING with nUNDO (Madrid), mamou-mani (London), BioMat (Stuttgart / El Cairo) e iheartblob (Vienna) offered a visit to other visions of architecture and the city. The cooperation of many disciplines is the key to innovations from which the profession benefits greatly. This was evident both in the experimental development of new sustainable building materials and in the projects submitted.

According to the fast advance of climate change, one might wonder if we still have time for experiments. However, after a day plenty of creative and refreshing approaches, it became clear: our only chance is to experiment; maintaining the status quo would be fatal. But back to the demand “Don’t build a shit!”: How should you build now? Answers were found in the projects exposed, for example, to build flexibly and with the participation of civil society, or even not to build and critically question if the declared sustainability is really sustainable.

Knowledge, networking and hope for the professional future: the day was a wonderful opportunity to met with wide range of networks, platforms and projects from young talents, especially because there is unfortunately no corresponding overview, perhaps a future task for the “Cámara de Arquitectos.

More information in: https://www.akbw.de/wir-ueber-uns/gremien/netzwerke/aipsip/kongress-2021.html