From the city inside the house to the city (is)home


Location: Bilbao, España

Year: 2021

Frame:  UrbanBATfest10 Festival

#Festival #Conference


When everyday life has had to be concentrated in just a few rooms (the city inside the home), the pandemic has exposed the limitations of our homes. From the window or the balcony we have carefully observed just a piece of the city dreaming of recovering experiences, situations and relationships that we always took for granted and that the pandemic has cut short for months. After all, the end of confinement has allowed us to leave home to a city that we now look at with new eyes and that seems (is) home to us.


The city that we have inherited, the city that is officially planned, the city that we experience on a day-to-day basis, the city that is projected into the future… suffers undeniable shortcomings in the face of the challenges, inequalities and inevitable contemporary uncertainties. Its layout, design, processes, transformation and the agents that transform it deserve more doubts than certainties before the future that is intuited. What future are we entitled to?

Publication The City (is)home