TEMPORARY | n’UNDO at the Venice Architecture Biennale

Location: Venice, Italy

Year: 2018

Framework:  Venice Architecture Biennale

#Time  #Architecture



Time as a material of Architecture must determine the interventions.


The paces of human beings on earth are very different from the paces and cycles of the planet they inhabit, which has as a consequence, a chronic loss of perspective on aspects that constitute the environment of relationship between habitat and inhabitant, comprising resources, their demand and sustainability which guarantee balance and future. The capacity for change and production of people, land and industry, have to coexist despite belonging to different temporal planes and speeds, and Architecture has to integrate these changing variables and be able to build on uncertainty, which is the essence of our daily life.

The objective is not to build to last, but to build an environment that is suitable for each moment and adaptable the next, necessarily temporary. However, the demand for a versatile and flexible Architecture can be misunderstood with production subjugated to the here and now, with the prevalence of the ephemeral, where the obsolescent is profitable and the new seems necessary at all times.

By introducing time as a design material, it sets the pace and the need for interventions, for processes; from the essential, immediately urgent, to the utopian, the dreamed of in a longed-for future to build new and different realities. This open architecture, of process, must remain unfinished, mutable, to allow the transformation of the urgent into the materiality that utopia must find.

Design responding to the immediacy demanded by the present. Without anticipating the needs of the following decades, as dizzying as they are uncertain. Three scales of time, all temporal, all as perpetual as the constant present.

Designing from temporality, to sustain the changing in time, giving a response that can be dismantled without leaving any trace or footprint.


Design knowing that the temporary threatens to become permanent.


Temporal is not seasonal architecture, subject to the vagaries of whim or style. Architecture must work on the needs of its time, but be part of a process that includes future generations.


Temporary, to welcome the constant evolution.


Temporary does not justify precariousness.


Temporal extends in time, without beginning or end, open, looking at different horizons.


Temporary as ephemeral, as fashionable, as unnecessary, as inadequate; should not be built.

Temporary by definition, to disappear with minimum impact.

All temporary, it must be designed to be dismantled.