Dismantling and reuse to improve the environment

Location: Villarino de los Aires, Salamanca  (Spain) 

Year: 2016

Framework: Own research n’UNDO

#Dismantle #Reuse


For the intervention in Villarino de los Aires, two modes of action are proposed to recover the memory of the place and to adapt the elements analysed to its correct functioning. Thus, the intervention proposes the recovery through interventions of the meaning and use of a series of elements for their enjoyment and common use in the town. The common is understood not only as a management of the property of the same but also of a transversal dimension to them capable of connecting with the collective memory of the inhabitants of Villarino de los Aires.

Dismantle| Removal of the elements that prevent the correct functioning of the element or hide it completely. This action, of dismantling the peripheral elements, but also of
The aim is to enhance the value of the original object, in this case the fountains, by removing the walls, the underground… and thus recovering the meaning, condition and use of the water points.

Reuse| Recovery of constructions in disuse or in bad condition for their management and common use. Through the adaptation of the necessary elements for their correct reuse, we propose to reuse buildings and plots of land that are valuable for the village.

The report of the proposal is available for consultation and download here: