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Facing construction as a traditional way to improve our environment, n’UNDO shows that it is possible to build more and better by NOT DOING, REDOING or UNDOING, actions that guarantee economic, social, cultural and environmental sustainability.


An active and proactive NO.
To preserve, protect, care for. Proving the sustainability and profitability of not intervening.


To Reuse, Regenerate, Revert, Recover, Rehabilitate, Revitalize, Relocate, Restore… placing value on preexistences.


To Reduce, Minimize, Eliminate, Dismantle, Demolish…
Effective response to excess.


n’UNDO bases its work on criticism, debate and reflection, from which it develops its theoretical base, which gives rise to various practices and actions based on participation and multidisciplinary processes. It develops, among other activities, teaching, consultancy, intervention and certification.


Centre of critical thinking and urban experimentation.

Reflection + Debate + Action + Dissemination

  • Research: theoretical basis, discussion groups
  • Teaching: own courses + workshops in the academia
  • Dissemination: publications, conferences, articles, congresses
  • Urban/landscape actions: visibility of problems

Consulting and intervention in City, Territory and Humanitarian World, according to n’UNDO criteria.

  • Urban and territorial consultancy and evaluation
  • Needs and impact assessments
  • Intervention Strategies: n’UNDO urban plans
  • Consulting in Humanitarian Aid and International Cooperation


2019_ SELECTED WORK _ Oslo Architecture Triennale: Enough, the Architecture of Degrowth, Oslo Norway. Book: From Subtraction 2019_ SELECTED LECTURER_ International Architecture Conference: Architecture for Common Good, organised by the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) | 2019_ SELECTED LECTURER _ Young architects forum, organised by the Architect’s council of Europe 2018_ FINALISTA_ Premios Mad + de emprendimiento, convocados por el Ayuntamiento de Madrid | 2018_ INVITADOS_ Bienal de Venecia. Pabellón de España: Becoming | 2017_ SEAL OF EXCELLENCE_ UrbanUNDOTool an innovative decision-making platform to support the transition towards a sustainable urban planning, to improve the citizens life; submitted under the Horizon 2020’s SME instrument; Certificate by the European Commission, as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020 | 2016_ FINALIST_ V Fundación Arquia award, Foro Arquias Proxima, Futuro Imperfecto | 2016_ SELECTED WORK_ Autonoma: International Conference on Urban Autonomy and Collective City, in Athens. Plan n’UNDO a new urban methodology | 2015_ SELECTED LECTURER_ Bienal de Venecia. Pabellón de España: Unfinished | 2014_ FIRST PRIZE_ Europan12. The Adaptable City. Kalmar, Sweden. Conservation, Density and Complexity | 2014_ FIRST PRIZE_ Europan12. The Adaptable City. Don Benito, Spain. El Patio de Don Benito | 2014_ SELECTED WORK_ XIII_Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism Spain, Alternatives. n’UNDO Plan | 2013_ SECOND PRIZE_ VIII EME 3 Festival Topias, Utopias becoming real. Plan n’UNDO Sant Andreu. Second prize | 2012_ FIRST PRIZE_ ASA Express Competition. Proposal for Basilica square, Madrid | 2012_ SECOND PRIZE_ II Congress Bio-Arquitectura Mediterránea: Economía y Territorio. Plan n’UNDO para el Mediterráneo | 2012_ SELECTED WORK_ III Congreso Internacional sobre Decrecimiento para la Sostenibilidad Ambiental y la Justicia Social, Venecia


to deepen the theoretical basis


Desde la resta | From subtraction

Theorical basis

publisher dpr-barcelona



Reports (+)

TVE. La aventura del saber. 2014 | La Casa encendida. TRYS. Madrid nuevo norte. 2019 | León noticias. Presentación Plan de accesibilidad. 2019 |  Radar. La Térmica. 2018 | COAM: Presentación libro “Desde la resta”. 2017 | La Térmica. La Térmica, Málaga. 2017 | Stepienybarno.es. Para qué sirve un arquitecto. 2016 |  Canactions. Canactions. 2015 | Cultur als. 2015 |  RTVE. Algarrobico. 2015 |  Stepienybarno.es. 1 minuto. 2013 | Ciudad sensible. Ciudad sensible. 2014 | 

Interviews (+)

NZZ “Neue Zurcher Zeitung”. Das bizarre Hotel Algarrobico an Spaniens Küste trotzt hartnäckig seinem Abbruch 2022| IHRB “Institute for Human Rights and Business”. Community-led and Participatory Approaches to Climate Action in the Built Environment. 2022 | Carne Cruda. Arquitectos que deshacen para vivir mejor. 2022 | SER Lanzarote. 16/7/2019. Taller Caminando El Jable. (min 42:14). 2019 | Revista código. n’UNDO. 2018 |  Instituto Español de Arquitectura. n’UNDO. 2017 | Nokton. Outsiders de la arquitectura: n’UNDO. 2016 | El Critic. n’UNDO. 2015 | Arquia. Cápsulas. 2014 | Greenpeace.org. Gente green. 2012 |

Reviews (+)

Blog Fundación Arquia. Arquitectura no antropocéntrica. 2022 | Urbanbat.org. la ciudad (es) casa. Pequeña Colección de Domesticidades Urbanas. 2022Web Universidad de Málaga. nUNDO nuevo modelo arquitectonico. 2018  | Blog Rizoma fundación. Desde la resta. 2018 | Hoy.es. Guadalupe accesible. 2018 | Archdaily.com. Vacío Sustración y silencio. 2017 |  Efeverde.com. nUNDO proponen desmantelamiento limpio y económico de la isla de Valdecañas. 2016 | Eldiario.es, Extremadura. Arquitectos proponen desmantelamiento urbanización Valdecañas. 2016 |  Creando redes. Informe técnico desmantelar Valdecañas .2015 |  Greenpeace.org. Victoria en el Tribunal, El Algarrobico es ilegal. 2016 |  Heraldo.es. Plataforma arquitectos pide desmantelamiento del pema para poder restituir espacio. 2015 | Connectingcities.net. nUNDOing cities. 2014 |  Europan-europe.eu. don benitos patio.  2013 | Futurearchitectplatform.org. nothing is more. 2013 | Yorokobu.es. deshaciendo la arquitectura. 2012 | Paisea.com. maneras de deshacer. 2012 | Greenpeace.org. nUNDO y greenpeace demuestran. 2012 | CompromisoRSE.com. greenpeace y nundo proponen. 2012 

Activity Reports

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