n´OT | Emergency Hospitals COVID-19 Spanish Red Cross

Location: Madrid, Spain

Year: 2020

Cliente:  Spanish Red Cross

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The COVID19 pandemic has forced quarantine measures around the world, but above all it has overwhelmed health capacities. To alleviate the situation, different models of emergency hospitals are being built, where mild and moderate patients are isolated, both to give them medical care and to prevent contagion.

These new centres require a specific design for infectious diseases, where travel, distribution and barriers are fundamental both for the control and prevention of infections, and for protection against the virus. In the case of COVID19 this is especially significant as it is a highly contagious virus.

The n’UNDO technical office team, from its previous experience producing various hospital designs in other epidemic outbreaks such as cholera and especially Ebola, and based on the development of extensive research, has adapted the design of temporary health structures for SARI (severe acute respiratory infections) of the WHO Emergency Medical Team, for the Spanish Red Cross as COVID-19 EMERGENCY HOSPITALS for the treatment of minor patients.

These designs are allowing the adaptation for hospital use of different locations, sports centers, fairgrounds, social centers, in various parts of the Spanish geography.

The implementation of these centres will provide not only a place of care and isolation for a greater number of patients, but also a safe working environment for medical staff and a place to care for the quality of treatment and dignity of patients, all of which is necessary to overcome this crisis with the least possible impact.