n’OT |  Technical office


Consulting and intervention in cities, territories and the humanitarian world.

Technical Office of consultancy, works to improve people’s lives from the intervention in the natural and urban environment, under the n’UNDO principles of minimum intervention and maximum impact, as a guarantee of a development in line with the Sustainable Development Objectives.

Consulting and Intervention

Analysis | Diagnosis | Strategies | Planning | Evaluation | Monitoring

Areas of intervention


  • Planning and spatial planning 
  • Environmental and landscape recovery
  • Protection and restoration of the environment

Minimization of impacts

  • Reduction of visual, light and sound impact
  • Reduction of footprint and life cycle impact
  • Reduction of cost/energy consumption

Building and Architecture

  • Reuse of infrastructure and buildings
  • Asset valuation
  • Reconversion of harmful interventions

Universal Accessibility

  • Reduction and elimination of physical/cognitive barriers
  • Reduction of harmful flows

Infrastructure and city

  • Urban planning in line with ODS
  • Debugging of spaces and environments
  • Urban and landscape integration
  • Mobility

Humanitarian aid and international cooperation

  • Basic habitability. Shelter
  • WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)
  • Infectious disease treatment centers
  • Refugee and Displacement Camps

Some representative projects


Plan de Accesibilidad

Guadalupe, Cáceres



Masterplan Kalmar




Evaluación externa para NCA

Respuesta crisis de refugiados

Evaluación | Campos de refugiados | WASH


Plan Estación de Atocha


Patrimonio-Resta-Espacio público


Plan Algarrobico

Parque natural de Cabo de Gata-Níjar

Restauración ecológica – Desmantelamiento

Where we have worked

Alemania. Argentina. Bangladesh. Bélgica. Colombia. Ecuador. España. Etiopía. Filipinas. Grecia. Haiti. Italia. Líbano. Macedonia. México. Mozambique. Reino Unido. República Dominicana. Ruanda. Serbia. Sierra Leona. Sudán del Sur. Suecia. Uganda.

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They have trusted us

Who we are

The co-direction of n’OT is composed of technical professionals linked to the field of architecture, urban planning, humanitarian aid and international cooperation for development, with an extensive background of more than 15 years and experience in various countries and contexts.

Network of collaborators

n’OT has an extensive network of collaborators that allows it to form specific multidisciplinary teams for each project, to guarantee the most appropriate response.

Alicia Berlinches Mata  Architecture | Communication Belén Molina Escobar  Product design | Communication Berenice Díaz del Castillo  Architecture | International Cooperation Bruno Garrido Pascual Architecture | Universal Accessibility | Heritage Clara-Marie Böhmer Architecture | Urbanism Dimitra Divanidou Architecture Elisa Giménez Beltrán WASH | Humanitarian Aid | Evaluation Emilio Luque Pulgar  Sociology | Social Anthropology Estefanía Herrero Conservation | Restoration | Heritage Fabio Silli  Architecture | urban planning | Construction management Fátima G. Candela WASH | Gender | Participation Gema Marín Méndez Architecture | Gender Irina Tumini Sustainability | Urban Planning | Research Indalecio Batlles Abad Architecture | Landscape | Territory Javier Sánchez Polo Audiovisual Communication | Networks Julia Font Moreno Architecture | Pedagogy | Participation  Julio Vinuesa Angulo Geography | Demography applied to urban and territorial planning  Lucas Alcaide De Wandeleer Architecture | Rehabilitation Luis Díaz Feria Architecture | Urbanism | Design Malú Cayetano Molina  Environment | Ecological Restoration | Landscape Manuel Aranda  Architecture | Calculation of installations Marta Sánchez López WaSH | TIC | Humanitarian Aid María Gironza  Architecture | Cognitive Accessibility Mateus Porto Schettino  Architecture | Mobility Maite Urcelay  Cultural Management Mayra Martinez Pinto  Documentation | Communication Miguel Díaz Rodriguez  Heritage | Accesibilidad Mónica Jiménez WASH | Humanitarian Aid | I+D Paula Cid Sanz  Sociology | Participatory processes Pablo Cruz Arjona  Innovation | Advertising Rafael Rodríguez Moreno  Architecture | Cooperation | Coordination Raquel Clemente  Civil engineering | Urban planning | Mobility Rebeca López Hernández Architecture | Photography Rosa San José  History | Archaeology | Participation Stephan van Eeden Architecture | Design | Companies Victor Acosta Cobacho  Architecture | Structure calculation